Tyler Torres

Gita 2 student at Brea Olinda High School

About me:
I am a Freshman at Brea Highschool in Gita 2. I play waterpolo, swim and I am also, involved in the highschools robotics team. I have also, made some personal coding projects which can be found at the bottom of the page. My goal is to get into a good college with a major in computer science.

Final Project Coming Soon...

Bussiness card
virtual buissness card

Other Projects

^ This is the arduino based metal car, I made. The car is made up of a arduino uno, Nrf24l01, and a Drok L298 motor driver, with the 2 motors on each side wired in parallel. The controller is made of a arduino uno, Nrf24l01 and Joystick Shield by Funduino.

The car was coded in the arduino ide.This is a simple webscraper that pulls the view count of a youtuber on social blades website. -->

More projects coming soon...

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